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What is hypno-psychotherapy?

Hypno-psychotherapy is an integrative approach which combines tried and tested psychotherapeutic techniques with the meditative and sometimes transformational tool of hypnosis. Self examination while you are fully alert is supported by gentle communication with your subconscious mind. Often the root of a problem, the subconscious can conflict with and over-ride more balanced and rational thinking.

The use of hypnosis (sometimes called guided imagery) is a very effective way to positively imagine different ways of behaving whilst reconnecting with your strengths and resources. It is also used to neutralise and reprogramme difficult memories or experiences that may be causing distress or holding you back.

A fully qualified hypno-psychotherapist, Phoebe Weiland trained at the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy (NCHP) and is an accredited member of the UK Council of Psychotherapists (UKCP).