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Fear of flying

One of the most common sources of significant anxiety, a fear of flying often begins with one or several unpleasant past experiences. This becomes embedded in the amygdala, the part of the brain which is associated with emotion-based memories and our survival instinct. A powerful but blunt tool, which operates subconsciously, once this part of the brain is engaged, it can be hard to shift with rational arguments - for example those around flight safety statistics.

Using hypnosis you can relax and communicate directly with this part of your mind, by-passing the resistance the amygdala habitually throws up. Whilst relaxed and focussed you can gently revisit past experiences and de-code unpleasant memories. You can also rehearse and re-imagine trigger points in your journey, using relaxation to de-sensitise yourself from your usual responses. Finally you will develop and rehearse effective distraction and self-calming techniques to use before and during your flight.